We are the largest equine practice in the East Midlands. It is staffed by:

  • 11 equine veterinary surgeons including 1 holder of the RCVS certificate in equine surgery (soft tissue)
  • 1 holder of the RCVS certificate of equine practice
  • 1 holder of both the RCVS certificate of equine practice and the RCVS certificate of Equine Medicine (Stud Medicine)
  • 4 fully qualified veterinary nurses
  • 3 auxiliary nurses and 1 groom.

 We aim to provide continuity of care wherever possible.

PrePurchase Examinations: Our team would be pleased to perform pre-purchase vettings for you. Both part (2 stage) and full (5 stage) examinations are available. We ensure the more experienced members of the practice carry out vettings. They have all completed pre-purchase vetting courses.

Stud Work: There are a number of vets at the practice with a particular interest in equine reproduction. We service a wide range of broodmare and stallion studs, including thoroughbred and non thoroughbred clients. We have recently successfully undertaken equine embryo transfer.

Surgery: Melissa has a wide range of clinical and surgical expertise with particular interests in gastrointestinal surgery, respiratory tract surgery, lameness investigations and arthroscopy. Melissa has several publications in the veterinary and nursing literature covering a diverse range of topics from obesity in horses with colic to equine wound healing.

Other Services: Hospitalisation Facilities, Digital Radiography, Ultrasonography, Endoscopy and in House Lab.


Equine Vets


Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland

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