Nantwich Veterinary Group Equine department was at Home Farm, Reaseheath College, since 1994 but now in September 2009, it has moved to its own purpose built clinic down the road at Hurleston.

We have six equine vets and offer a full hospital based service from the equine centre in addition to our ambulatory service which continues to perform routine work at yards, studs and client’s homes.

At our New Centre, we have the facility to hospitalise horses for intensive care, surgery or in-depth investigations. We are best known for the diagnosis and management of lame performance horses and offer a high standard of care and professionalism for local and national clients and referring veterinary surgeons. We have high quality digital radiography and hospital standard ultrasound and offer high standard of joint treatments not possible in a yard setting.

We have been early adopters of the many successful new treatments for equine lameness that have been developed, including Shockwave, Tildren, Acell and stem cell and platelet rich plasma and IRAP. To ensure the safety of our patients during surgery we have two induction/recovery boxes and a tilting Telgate II operating table in our new dedicated operating theatre.

During anaesthesia we intensively monitor vital signs including pulse oximetery and direct arterial blood pressure recording. Colour digital video-cameras attached to our arthroscopes give us greater accuracy and visualisation during 'keyhole' joint surgery, allowing a quicker return to full fitness.

We also have great experience in stud work, artificial insemination and the problems of the foal and broodmare, where having our own surgical facility is essential to provide the level of care our clients expect and deserve.


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