I am based on the Isle of Man, offering equine therapy services to all types of horse and pony, Island-wide.

As an Equinology Equine Body Worker, I am trained and qualified in equine sports massage, soft tissue mobilisation, stretching, cross fibre friction techniques and direct pressure techniques. I also offer athletic taping for various equine muscular issues/injuries, along with my personal design and home-made JJ bracelets which improve your horse's range of motion and stride length! Other rehabilitation aids, such as pole-work, lunging and long-lining, are available as individual sessions or as part of a rehabilitation programme.

Able to tailor your session to fully benefit your horse, whether a top competition/performance horse or your well-loved little companion pony!

Improve your horse's well-being and over-all performance, keep them happy and comfortable, so find out how I could help your horse today!!!




Isle of Man

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