Horses are very sensitive to all forms of energy healing and just as in humans they may choose to heal emotionally or physically, they will often doze during a session & enjoy the warmth of the energy as it flows leaving them relaxed and content. It can help release tension, repair wounds and injuries and in many cases help with conditions that have not responded to regular treatments.

We use Reiki on all of our horses as a regular part of their weekly routine to keep them in optimum health. Reiki can be useful for many conditions, has no side effects and can often succeed when all else has failed. The healing energy will stimulate the horse's natural endorphins, reducing pain and ease emotional distress. It can be used alongside conventional veterinary care and will assist in the speedy recovery of injuries or after surgery.

Reiki for horses can also be very useful in managing behavioural difficulties which are often caused by stress or from some of the horses basic needs not being met. The energy will help re balance horses energy field and once the stress level has dissipated often the behaviour will reduce or in some instances disappear altogether. It can also be useful for owners to have a joint healing session to iron out any riding or relationship issues.

Horses have always been my passion, I discovered at a very early age that I could tune into their energy field and feel their emotions. I was lucky enough to have the freedom to explore my natural surroundings & spent my childhood & teenage years learning the language of the horse in a very quiet way, gathering knowledge from the horses themselves and practicing the ancient art of Horse Whispering.

In 1999 I began teaching a wide variety of Intuitive Healing & Personal Development programmes including a therapeutic Horsemanship programme for children who were at risk of being exluded from school. In 2006 after visiting the sacred Black Hills in South Dakota I received a vision that showed me a way to combine my healing & horse whispering abilities in a new paradigm of BE ing with horses in what has become "the Way of the Medicine Pony".

My vision called me to share this knowledge with horse lovers of all ages so that together we can work alongside our equine brothers and sisters each learning from the other in the spirit of true partnership.


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