Listening to Horses - Healing - Handling - Lifestyle

Horses communicate with body language and behaviour to inform us when something isn’t right. Sometimes it is a question of understanding their behaviour, sometimes it means we need to change our way of handling them, or even look at their lifestyle to see if they are stressed in any way.

Healing works on many levels and we can often see benefits and changes with emotional, mental or physical challenges. Most horses are exceptionally responsive during a healing session and this can point the way towards helping them.

Changes to handling and lifestyle can help complete the holistic approach towards happy, healthy horses. As an experienced horse woman and practitioner, I can listen to your horse, and offer healing to help you both achieve harmony and well being. Help and advice on horse behaviour, handling and lifestyle also offered.

My Professional Qualifications:

  • Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate in Horsemanship
  • BTEC Professional Diploma in Equine Behaviour and Welfare
  • Jan Barley Healing Horses Accredited Reiki for Horses Certificate
  • Jan Barley Healing Horses Animal Communication Certificate
  • Ingraham Academy Certificate of Equine Applied Zoopharmacognosy (animal aromatics with essential oils).


Behaviourists, Reiki, Therapists



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