Lindsy Murray has lived with animals all her life and has been working with them professionally for the past 20 years. Recognising how important it is to understand the animal's mind, she has spent the past five years studying Equine, Canine and Feline behaviour at The Natural Animal Centre in South Wales. Combining this invaluable knowledge with her natural ability to heal, allows Lindsy to work in a very unique way that can help animals move away from depressed and withdrawn states or be released from re occurring fears and anxieties that are so common in our modern day lifestyle.

Lindsy is a Bach Foundation Registered Animal Practitioner and is currently studying the properties of plant extracts and their use with animals. Once qualified Lindsy will include the use of these herbal and essential oils to her work.

We all want our horses to be healthy and enjoy life. As humans, we can make choices as to how we deal with the stresses and strains in our lives. However, this isn't so easy for horses and therefore it becomes our responsibility to watch for the signs of stress and help them overcome it in the best way possible.

Drawing on her understanding of equine behavioural science and the physiological responses to stress, Lindsy helps her clients understand the reasons why their horse is going through a difficult time. From here, she offers advice on how to deal with this stress in a positive and compassionate way. Although she is happy to consult as a behaviourist alone, Lindsy knows, through 20 years of experience, the benefit that healing has on the horses she works with.

Healing is known to support animals through times of stress and increases the recovery rate of sickness and injury.


Behaviourists, Reiki, Therapists



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