Over the last 10 years Theravet has built a reputation for excellence in the South, servicing clients across the spectrum from charity work to royal racehorses and taking referrals from as far afield as Europe and the USA. All our staff are chosen for their professionalism, experience and personal skills, but importantly also for their love and dedication to your pets. We recognise that peoples pets are very much part of the family and as such, our care and thought for your pet is an essential part of what makes our team excel.

Physiotherapy is used in veterinary medicine to help improve or resolve chronic or acute problems. It can be applied to degenerative conditions, injuries and post operatively and can be performed manually or by the use of machines. At Theravet all our physiotherapists are ACPAT or IRVAP registered and as such have been through specific recognised veterinary training program's at veterinary universities in the UK.

A physiotherapist will use case notes provided by your veterinary surgeon plus her own assessment, clinical reasoning and specific physical tests to ascertain what is required for each individual case and the expected outcome. All patients are monitored throughout their course and case notes exchanged with your veterinary surgeon.


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Hampshire, Hertfordshire

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