Mark Noble is a fully qualified animal/ veterinary chiropractor specialising in the treatment of Spinal Dysfunction in the horse. Chiropractic offers a non invasive, natural and holistic approach to the well being and healthcare of your horse.

This treatment utilises specific adjustments to treat areas of restriction and/ or tension within the body which are located during the examination of the horse. Because all horses can be affected by spinal dysfunction, chiropractic can be as effective whether your horse is a pleasure hack or Group 1 racehorse, a lead rein pony or Grade A show-jumper.

I always prefer to see your horse at its home, allowing the horse to be as relaxed as possible. After taking a case history of the horse, for example, its age, past and current injuries, and any previous treatments, an examination will take place. This will involve a combination of static and motion palpatation of the horse’s neck, back, pelvis and limbs, essentially the whole horse. Once this is completed, I indentify any issues found to the owner before treating the horse, each treatment being specific to the issues highlighted in the examination.

Misalignment issues are treated using specific adjustments to the area/ segment affected. Soft tissue injuries are treated using physiothreapy, utilising Laser Therapy, Ultrasound, and / or massage therapy.


Chiropractors, Physio, Therapists


Durham, North Yorkshire, Northumberland

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