Gallop Equine Reiki has joined

Posted 05/06/2023

The most common and obvious thing Reiki does is to calm and relax your horse. But as a healing therapy Reiki has also been shown to help heal or overcome physical conditions such as Arthritis and Colic or Injuries – including recovery from surgery

However, Reiki works on many levels and so can also be highly beneficial and help with emotional and psychological issues such as lowering stress or anxiety, including competition stress for both horse and rider, calming nervous or easily spooked horses, or overcoming the loss of a loved companion

Above all Reiki is a natural and gentle holistic therapy. It is completely safe and can not do any harm, even to horses who are receiving veterinary treatment.

I am a Reiki Master/ Teacher and an Advanced Equine Reiki Practitioner and I help loving horse owners care for their horses physical, mental and emotional well being  - helping to make healthier happier horses.