The yard is calm and well organised and is set in the beautiful village of Turville, nestled in the Chiltern Hills. A small team keep everything running smoothly and both Angela and Diane live ‘on site’, one on either side of the stables, so there is 24-hour supervision. There are two very good outdoor arenas, one 20m x 40m and one 20m x 60m. Horses that come for schooling are kept stabled. Turnout is limited in the winter, but for the rest of the year all the horses, including the stallions, get to have play in the field. Although there are a few stallions on the yard no stud work takes place here. Any ‘stud’ stallions go away for the covering season. Training Livery: We aim to produce the best from the horses incorporating some of the Portuguese Classical methods. The emphasis being on the soft and gentle approach with much of the work being done from the ground, which supples the horse and allows him to learn movements without the weight of the rider. We progress to ridden work getting the horse to work forward from behind and swinging through his back, to create engagement and lightness. The results of these methods speak for themselves with home-produced horses winning many prestigious awards, not just for Classical Iberian classes but also going on in Affiliated competitions. Horses can come in for schooling. They are taken through the stages of lateral movements including shoulder-in and half-pass, and some onto more advanced work such as Piaffe, Passage and Spanish walk. Lessons can then be given to the owner/rider to teach the horse much of the in-hand work so it can be continued at home. We treat every horse on the yard with the same care and attention and as if it were our own. We tailor their schooling accordingly. We don’t believe in quick fixes but the work is consistent.


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