Clumber Livery achieved BHS status in our second year to which we are proud to be a part of today. This provides the horse owner with certain standards and care, to which all BHS members work hard to achieve on an annual basis.We have 5 star facilities at reasonable prices. We are located in the picturesque location of the National Trust site of Clumber Park, in the heart of Nottinghamshire. If you are looking for calm tranquil settings for your horse, you have found the perfect place. Our Livery is set in 67 acres of private farmland, with off road access to 4000 acres of Clumber Park to spend your days hacking out in through woodlands and fields. We have 16 -12ftx12ft stables, 4 -14ftx12ft stables and 4 -18ftx12ft stables available. The larger ones being ideal for mare and foal. We have bred from our own mares for the last two years, so have experience with young-stock. The stables are light and airy and provide a relaxed environment for the horse, on bedding of your own choice. The tack room is located across from the stables and benefits from the alarm system. There is CCTV on the yard which also covers around the entrance and doors. The paddocks are secured by day and evening and the owners live on site. The manege is floodlit and measures 40x40 metres and the surface is made up of rubber and sand, which is available at no extra charge. There is a separate grass jumping arena with a full set of jumps and fillers. We have a farm track around the outskirts of our land, with a few cross country jumps to have a go at. Horses are turned out throughout the year. The paddocks to the front and side of the livery have post and rail fencing, while the back ones have electric tape and partial post and rail. There are 50 acres of paddocks on a sand based soil, so mud fever is a thing of the past. Horses are moved round the paddocks in rotation to give areas a rest. There is access to a Freelance A1 instructor for lessons either 1 to 1 or in a group. We also have call on a mobile solarium, which charges very reasonable rates and no mileage. Clinics are planned throughout the year for different topics which may be of interest. Lastly, there are two communal DIY rooms where you can keep all your bins, barrows and other equipment that is necessary.


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