Here at Molineux Yard we pride ourselves on the quality of care our horses receive whether they are liveries, horses and ponies for sale, holiday horses and of course our own special long standing residents. We offer several services here, finding that in the equine world we have to adapt to all areas in order to keep the business established as a well oiled cog! We sell horses and ponies from first ridden and lead rein to BS and BD horses and everything in between. Livery services are also available including grass, part, full, schooling and ‘naughty pony’ liveries! Grass Livery: Includes field checks twice daily, Winter grass livery includes feed twice a day and ad lib forage in feeders. DIY Livery: Stable and daily turnout, Straw bedding, Feeds put in morning and night. Part Livery: Stable and daily turnout, Straw Bedding, Forage, Turnout/Bring in Service 4 days/wk, Rugs changed according to weather, Feeds put into stables morning and night, Mucked out 4 days/wk. Full Livery: Stable and Daily Turnout, Straw Bedding, Forage, Turnout/Bring in Daily, Rug change, Feed provided and given, Mucked out, Full Groom Daily, Lunge or Hack 2 x 30 mins sessions/wk. Schooling or Starting Livery: As with Full Livery plus Worked 6 days/wk according to owners requirements. All liveries have full use of the facilities including jumps.


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