Cathy is a qualified coach, registered with British Eventing, British Dressage and the British Horse Society. Based in Essex, she travels to individual clients locally, and holds clinics nationally. Cathy didn't start riding until she was 21, pursuing a childhood dream.

At 25 she abandoned her career in insurance where she worked as a systems analyst, and started full-time training as a working pupil. The BHSAI followed a year later and she started her own business in rented premises.

Constant training and development over the following years led eventually to the BHSII, but it was a long road and the show-jumping for the BHS Stage IV exam was a huge hurdle to overcome... and yet a great achievement when complete.

Far from being a natural, Cathy has had to work extremely hard to master the skills required to ride and handle horses successfully. The benefit of this is apparent when teaching however, as she firmly believes that all these skills can be learned, by anyone! For sure it takes some people longer, and some are limited by their level of fitness, or the amount of time available to them; the truth is though, that every horse and every rider can be improved.


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