No expense has been spared in creating Higher Spen Equestrian Services - a purpose-built health and fitness training centre for horses and ponies providing one of the most extensive equestrian therapy facilities in north west England.

The hydrotherapy pool is one of the deepest of its kind in the north of England. It has a wide and gradual de-cline with non-slip slope to entice even the most reluctant horses into the crystal clear water which is maintained at room temperature. The programme can be used as part of pre-sale preparation or incorporated into pre-race fitness training.

More showing owners incorporate swimming into their preparation. This benefits and improves general fitness, flexibility, muscle tone and circulation it is the safest exercise for horses recovering from bruised soles or other hoof-related injuries.

Says Jane Dewhurst: "In-hand show horses can gain a lot from hydrotherapy; it greatly improves their top line, and tightens them underneath when used alongside conventional flatwork. It adds the muscle tone that gives a show horse or pony a real edge."

Where swimming is recommended as part of injury rehabilitation, Higher Spen Equestrian Services liase closely with vets to follow a precise health recovery programme.


Hydrotherapy, Therapists


Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire

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