We offer livery and long or short term Hydrotherapy Spa Treatment for injuries to horses and ponies.

Equine Hydrotherapy using chilled, aerated, saline water has been proven to be beneficial for many equine injuries and ailments. hydrotherapy has also been shown to speed recovery and increase fitness and well-being.

Current ‘Best Practice’ for the treatment of tendon or ligament injuries, as recommended by VetCell Bioscience, a company specialising in stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine, is the use of hydrotherapy during the acute stages of the disease followed by implantation of the horses own stem cells.

Following implantation the horses are placed on an ascending exercise regime with hydrotherapy advocated after 3 months and thereafter until the horse returns to full fitness. Greg McGarrell, CEO of VetCell reports “our results have shown horses that underwent rehabilitation following stem cell treatment at centers with experienced staff and facilities such as the Panama Spa have the highest return to performance ratio”.


Hydrotherapy, Show Jumping Instructors, Therapists


Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire

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