Hammer & Tong is a family run high performance farriery specialist based outside York and offers equine shoeing & trimming services throughout Yorkshire.

Types of shoeing available:

Pleasure - Horses that are kept by enthusiasts and are taking out on the occasional outing are often best fitted with a pleasure shoe, which provides the horse with good protection & grip for all common environments.

Hunter - This shoe offers exceptional wear & provides superior grip on both road & field. Hunter shoeing aims to provide optimal support to help the horses cope with extreme environmental conditions which are encountered whilst out hunting.

Racing - Race horses can be shod in light steel (training plates) or aluminium depending on the training requirements and up & coming races.

Event - Event shoeing covers the following disciplines – show jumping, cross country & dressage.

Remedial - Best described as corrective shoeing, this is to help remedy any injuries or complaints that a horse may be experiencing. Due to this, each horse is treated on a per case basis and the shoeing cycle (& indeed type of shoe) is decided by Hammer & Tong after consulting a vetinary surgeon.




East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire

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