As a company providing a professional Farriery service we pride ourselves on producing work to an exceptionally high standard which is complemented by our dedication to client service.

Standard Shoeing: As a Professional Farriers we provide a comprehensive service using a wide variety of shoes and techniques allowing us to care for the modern horse in the environment it is used. Today's Farriery requires the use of a wide variety of materials in the fabrication of shoes. Things have progressed incredibly allowing us to use plastics, glues and other non-metal products to make shoes.

Corrective Shoes: An incorrectly fitted heart bar shoe could be fatal to a horse if you are putting load on the bar. We will always advise clients when we think any corrective work is required on their horse. We will, if necessary instruct the client that we wish their Vet to be involved in the diagnosis and prognosis of a condition and state whether x-rays of the horses lower leg and/or foot are required.

Trimming: It is crucial to remember that the trimming of the equine foot is fundamentally the most important part of Farriery. Whether the foot is being trimmed for the application of a shoe or for a horse that is to be used barefoot, it is of fundamental importance that it be done correctly by a qualified Farrier or Veterinary Surgeon.





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