My names Yogev Sharp, but everyone calls me Yogi. I'm a fully qualified Farrier providing shoeing and trimming for all equine disciplines. My dream of becoming a farrier started when i left school and started working on my dads farm with the race horses and stud. The more time i spent around the horses the more i knew this was the world i wanted to live in and when we saw the farriery competition at the south of england show that was it, i knew that was what i wanted to do.

I was lucky enough to get good grades at school, but a desk job just wouldn't suit me and i wanted to use my noggin, so farriery has been and is perfect for me, i get to work with my hands and use my head. This has meant i have taken a scientific view to shoeing horses and a lot of thought goes into every job. I qualified from Hereford school of farriery with the best NVQ in farriery and came runner up in the country for my year. Since i qualified i have been increasingly involved in remedial and corrective work and now have a large portfolio of remedial work under my belt.




East Sussex, Kent, West Sussex

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