I provide a full professional examination, I complete the dental work required for your horse and you will receive a dental chart documenting this work. I am always happy to see your horse at home or in a yard. I am now running various weekly, monthly and bi-monthly clinics around the country, so please contact me to find the clinic location.

The first and most important things with horses is to ensure that their teeth are checked along with their backs. This then ensured that they were comfortable and pain free which gives me a blank canvass to work with. I spent a period of 6 months working with horses in Australia and during this time I was given the opportunity to train at the College of Equine Dentistry Australia which is recognised as having one of the highest standards of equine dentistry tuition in the world and there I continued to train and work as an equine dentist.

I have now returned to the UK and my commitment to provide comfort to the horse to improve their well being and performance has never been stronger. I intend to return to the college in Australia on a regular basis so that I can keep up to date with new dental techniques ensuring that I continue to provide the best possible service to my clients’ horses.


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