I have been an 'Equine Dental Technician' since 1990 and believe this is a very important part of a horses basic maintenance. Having your horses teeth rasped will not make it a superstar on its own but not having them done could stop you reaching your full potential!

I am currently based in the West Midlands. I travel all over the country performing equine dentistry. If you are unsure whether I can attend to your horses do not hesitate to contact me, as I travel to most areas of the UK.

Some of the service I can provide are:

  • visual and manual check on teeth for sharpness and irregular growth
  • diestema
  • ulcerated cheeks or tongue
  • bad breath
  • check for loose caps in youngsters
  • check for wolf teeth that may be causing a problem
  • check lateral movement of jaw
  • remove any food from the mouth
  • rasp teeth removing all sharp edgesand larger hooks
  • rebalancing mouth
  • add bit seats
  • remove scale from tushes
  • recheck lateral movement of jaw
  • recheck teeth manually and visually.


Equine Dentists


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