We provide quality and considerate dental healthcare for your horses and ponies. Utilising patience and excellent handling abilities, the majority of patients can receive routine work, without sedation or power tools, which we consider better for your animals, and of course reduces the cost burden to you.

We are an Equine Dental Practice who have a desire to provide dental services to your horse using considerate methods and in the majority of cases, without the need for expensive (and often unnecessary) sedation and/or power tools.

So what is meant by considerate methods and why is that important to you and your horse? Our considerate methods are about treating your horse as an individual and with respect, working with care and consideration around his or her mouth, ensuring that we work with your horse to provide the best possible experience to the animal, which will mean better tolerance of future work. But we're not just about dentistry! We're also about education! If your horse has a specific problem, we will advise you on the correct feeding and bitting in order to get the most from your horse.

If there is anything you can do to help relieve the issue, we will advise you appropriately of this too. We will also be working with the local equine community, providing mini-talks to new horse owners or any other interested parties - if you are organising an event and would like a small talk to be given about equine dentistry, get in touch with us!


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