After years as one of Australia’s most trusted equine dentists, I am now based in Oxfordshire and permanently servicing the United Kingdom. I am used by different veterinary clinics as their Equine Dental consultant; and give lectures at various horse events and have been used by the RSPCA as their consultant in horse cases.

I am a sole trader and do not employ associates, being personally accountable for my equine patients ensuring they get the highest standard of treatment, and approaching each horse in a calm manner as all horsemen should. I believe strongly in making the experience of treatment as quiet and stress free as possible, and being heavy handed with your horse is strictly not an option. On the rare occasion where sedation may be required it will be done by a Veterinary Surgeon.

Upon request, I am also insured to ride your horse if required to help with steering issues and bit advice.

I acquired Certification from the highly regarded 'AEDP' one of the 3 training courses available in Australia, renowned throughout the world for the high level of education provided, and the training base for some of the best Equine Dentists all over the world - my certification is recognised by Vets worldwide.


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