I am:

  • DEFRA & RCVS Level 2 Approved
  • Certified Equine Dentist
  • Member of WWAED
  • Instructor at the Academy of Equine Dentistry
  • WWAED rep on LANTRA Veterinary Advisory Committee
  • Examiner for WWAED Level 2 Exam.

All sedated horses at my veterinary dental clinics will be inspected with an oral endoscope. This allows a more detailed inspection of the horse's mouth. The images will be viewed on a screen for owners to see.

In addition to performing routine dental work, carrying out case studies, and completing a new education programme, I have extended my knowledge of the ways in which the teeth and mouth can affect the overall performance of any horse - and how the application of dental procedures can help to resolve these problems.

Most horse owners are aware of the sharp edges that appear on the outside edge of a horses upper teeth. This is usually what is removed by most dentists and only takes approximately 10 minutes. However over time, if left unattended, sharp edges also form on the inside edge of the lower teeth. This means that there are sharp edges causing pain in the cheek and on the tongue. I work to prevent and reverse these types of problems.


Equine Dentists


Derbyshire, East Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire

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