I am an Equine Dental Technician based in the East Riding of Yorkshire who takes great pride in the dental care of your horses.

Since an early age I have been interested in working with animals and was fortunate to be able to work at the Ganstead Equestrian Centre where many of my equestrian skills were developed. During my time at the Equestrian Centre I became interested in horse dentistry and, through my manager at the Centre, was introduced to Paul I’anson, an EDT working in Yorkshire. This meeting gave me a new inspiration and for the first time a direction.

In one day the next five years of my life had been mapped out. Later that year I applied for and was accepted at the Hartpury College, Gloucestershire to study for the degree in Equine Dental Science. In June 2006 I graduated with honours and took on an apprenticeship here in Yorkshire, this provided me with a unique opportunity to put into practice the latest theoretical concepts brought to the science by contemporary experts in the field of horse dentistry and oral health.

During my apprenticeship I was fortunate to be able to help on a number of dentistry courses and examinations. I have also had the privilege of conducting a lecture for qualified EDTs at Liverpool University and had the privilege working on the horses of the Blues and Royals in London. I am now working for myself and established in the East and North Ridings of Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

As I attend to my cases over the years I will be conducting research of a practical nature as my equine degree has made me realise there is a need to advance the science practically as well as theoretically.


Equine Dentists


East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire

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