Gordon Johnson Houghton completed the course in Mctimoney-Corley Animal Manipulation at the Oxford College of Equine Physical Therapy in 2006 and is building up his practice from his new base in Stansfield.

"Having required the attentions of a chiropractor and osteopath myself following falls I realised horses must suffer in the same way." says Gordon. "When I was training I always used an equine chiropractor to look after my horses' backs, so it seemed an obvious step to get similar training and set up Gordon The Back Man as a business."

The McTimoney-Corley manipulation technique is used to adjust subluxations which occur mainly between the facet joints between vertebrae. These subluxations often cause tension in the muscles surrounding and stabilising the spine which can lead to discomfort or pain. In the majority of cases the patient is not clinically lame but will just appear to be "not quite right" and the treatment uses the animal's own muscular strength to correct the anomaly and make it comfortable again.

It does not require an over-active imagination to realise that this type of discomfort can make the difference in a horse's performance between winning and losing.


Chiropractors, McTimoney, Therapists


Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk

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