Emma Roberts BSc DC MMCA is also a GCC Registered Human McTimoney Chiropractor who is skilled in the art of Human and Animal Chiropractic Manipulation Techniques.

Emma works closely with:

  • Veterinary Surgeons
  • Farriers
  • Stable Staff
  • Equine Dentists
  • ACPAT Chartered Animal Physiotherapists
  • GOSC Registered Osteopaths who treat Animals
  • Equine Nutritionists
  • Animal Communicators
  • Equine Podiatrists and SMS Saddlers

 Emma is also skilled in the McTimoney-Corley Reflex-Recoil Adjustment, Spinal Realignment Technique's and Muscle Memory Soft Tissue Healing Techniques for horses suffering from Musculo-Skeletal Pain and subsequent behavioral pain symptoms.

In 2006 Emma attended a 'Society of Master Saddlers' SMS Saddle Fitting Course enabling her to comment on the horses saddle's condition/fit and occasionally to advise horse owners to call out a local Master Saddler to re-flock or replace it.


Chiropractors, Physio, Therapists



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