Rebecca Dale is a member of the Memeber of the McTimoney Animal Association, the British Complementary Medicine Association and the International Equine Touch Association. I am currently the only person throughout Cornwall and Devon to offer the unique and beneficial combination of McTimoney Animal Manipulation and The Equine Touch. I specialise in Horses and Dogs although I can treat any animal. I am also a Practitioner of VHT-a gentle, relaxing, holistic mode of bodywork for humans. Animals also suffer back pain but unfortunately can't tell us and can show it in some strange and sometimes dangerous ways. What starts as something small can soon cascade into a much wider problem and a decline in general health and well-being. In the horse symptoms can include: rearing and bucking, bolting, stopping - rooted to the spot, not going straight, abnormal gait; toe dragging, abnormal shoe wear, reluctance to go forward, rushing (to a fence also), refusing to jump, swinging the hindquarters, biting when girthing up, leaning on one rein, stiffness on one rein, prolonged lameness (after a vet has ruled out other causes), difficulty getting up.


Chiropractors, McTimoney, Therapists


Cornwall, Devon

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