My name is Julie Dexter and I am a qualified human Bowen and Equine Muscle Release practitioner. I am passionate about helping horses and their people live happy pain free lives.

Equine Muscle Release is the therapy I found succesful in helping my own horse Squealy when she was experiencing gait problems. I had already tried just about everything other therapy including Chiropractors, Mc Timoney, Shiatsu, Healing, and Accupuncture. Having found this wonderful therapy I just had to train in it myself.

Equine Muscle therapy is the only form of the Bowen technique for equines that is approved by the Bowen academy of Australia, having been developed and tested for over 15 years by Alison Goward of the Equus college of learning and research. The thing I love about these wonderful therapies is that they truly do work on the allround wellbeing of the individual. Because of the way that they stimulate the bodies own innate healing ability almost any complaint may be succesfully addressed.

Some of the more common conditions which we are asked to treat include;

  • Unexplained or intermittant lameness
  • Uneven shoe wear and dragging of hind feet
  • Disunited paces
  • Sore or cold backs
  • Irritability or behaviour problems
  • Uneven Muscle development
  • Stiffness on one rein
  • Bridle lameness.

In addition though EMRT has been used with success in boosting immunity, maintaining Arthritic conditions, improving breathing difficulties the list is endless...!


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