Alison will help you work through the problems you face and help you work with your horse in harmony, in confidence, with his respect and with the two of you as a team. Dealing with problems can be a nightmare - they won’t load, they bite us over the stable door, they tank off down the road when we try to lead them anywhere, they won’t stand still for mounting, we get to the gate and they refuse to go any further, jumped fine but now they're starting to stop at fences, the list really is simply endless.

Often horses behave in a way we cannot understand, we work in a way that THEY can, without force or violence in any way, building from a good, solid foundation, horses learn to work with us, they become willing students and training becomes easier, less stressful (for all) and you become a team. These methods are our basis of all training whether it be leading or loading, ridden problems, handling untouched horses, raw starters or major behavioural issues the results speak for themselves and within a very short space of time you find your horse responding very positively.

In some extreme cases we have been the very last hope before owners sell up or even worse! We work with you to ensure that you can continue working on your own after we have left. We can work with you here at our yard or at your own place.

We don't always deal with problem horses either, giving your youngster the best start to their ridden career can mean they handle difficult situations better as they get older or even just wanting to better the understanding you have of your horse can build confidence and harmony between your horse and yourself.


Behaviourists, Dressage Instructors


Cumbria, Durham, East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Northumberland, South Yorkshire, Tyne & Wear, West Yorkshire

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