Debbie Reilly offers clients and their horses a highly experienced and personalized service which sets her apart from her corporate competitors.

Dedicated to developing true partnerships through understanding & communication, Debbie founded the ‘Understanding Equus’ approach in 1998. Ideal for giving youngsters an excellent start in life, for helping horses and their owners work positively together to overcome challenges and bring the best out of their partnerships. Debbie offers expert guidance, training and ongoing support through a variety of services;

  • private consultations
  • ongoing coaching sessions
  • Equine Facilitated Learning
  • workshops & demos.

With over 20 years experience of training & working horses with many top international equine, natural horsemanship & behaviour specialists, Debbie’s holistic & adaptable approach offers safe and effective solutions to the many challenges horses and their owners face.




Dorset, Hampshire, Suffolk, Wiltshire

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