HDC Behaviour, run by experienced animal behaviour consultant Susan Gammage, provides a compassionate, scientific-based service to help owners who have problems with horse behaviour, dog behaviour or cat behaviour.

Horses can develop behavioural problems for many reasons. By understanding how horses live in the wild, we can see that the different ways we keep our horses can impact on their behaviour. From an understanding of how horses learn we can see how various training methods can change the way a horse behaves. With this understanding we can then choose the best method to use with our horses.

Horse behaviour problems include:

  • bucking
  • rearing
  • pacing
  • spooking
  • napping
  • difficulty loading pick up feet
  • fear of tack
  • problems leading
  • catching
  • aggression
  • biting
  • separation anxiety
  • fearfulness
  • reluctance to jump, or even just help settling an horse in to a new yard.




East Sussex, Kent, Surrey, West Sussex

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