I've owned and managed barefoot horses for over 15 years. It's been a long journey from when I started to this point in time, but a thoroughly rewarding one.

It wasn't until I got Grace that I decided to turn professional. As one vet pointed out, just doing my own I could help one or two, by offering the service to others I have the opportunity to help many more. But trimming my own when I can review and touch up every day if I want to and have full control over their welfare and management is very different to trimming a horse every four weeks or so. So I decided to get some professional training and after lots of hard work I qualified with the AANHCP scoring 90% in my final exam.

I now run my own business. I have a very a strict code of ethics which puts your horse's welfare at the centre of any care recommendations. I will always be a student of the horse and their hooves; not trying to master nature, but learning how to facilitate the natural hoof in all its glory.

Barefoot trimming: Although based on the Kent Sussex borders, I provide barefoot trimming for the whole of the South East of England - including: Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire and Dorset.


Barefoot Trimming


Berkshire, Dorset, East Sussex, Essex, Greater London, Hampshire, Kent, Norfolk, Suffolk, Surrey, West Sussex

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