Equestricare is about empowering horse owners to explore health and healing for themselves and their horses using therapy, training and developing a mutually respectful horse-human relationship. 
Nowadays, thinking, feeling horse owners are exploring more, doing the best for their horses using various holistic therapies and embracing new training concepts which has a truly 'whole-istic' approach to the health, well-being, management, exercise and care of their horses.
Louise Cleland is an accomplished Reiki Riding Instructor, long term Bodywork Therapist and Healer and Meditation Teacher who has explored and studied the many strands and subjects that pull together the holistic approaches of horse ownership.
Your own journey with your horse is unique and the many problems that are encountered along the way are often not so easily solved.  The main premise of Louise's work is in finding solutions that are:

attentive and non-invasive
respectful and sensitive
open-hearted and self empowering
educational and inspirational
based on sound practice and science

Louise Cleland at Equestricare offers therapies for your horse, together with some delightful horse owner workshops for developing your mind, body and spirit, and that of your horse.
Louise works with total respect for you and your journey with your horse.  
The Equestrian Community are embracing a much more holistic and alternative approach to horse-keeping and training based on sound science and consistent inquiry. 
  Healing Horses is more than just one single approach, treatment or therapy - it's an analytical look at the whole horse and perhaps even a full re-evaluation of how we do things.  
This is exactly what Louise at Equestricare offers you and your horse.


Acupuncture, Physio, Reiki, Therapists


Cheshire, Derbyshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, Shropshire, Staffordshire

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