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Why use a ESMT?

Equine Sports Massage is the therapeutic application of hands on techniques. Using these techniques we are able to increasing circulation, range of motion, and overall performance. It relieves muscle spasms and tension and enhances muscle tone, in turn this will prevent further injuries.

All horses and ponies from field companion to the competition horse, all will benefit from an equine Sports Massage Treatment. Massage keeps muscles healthy, builds those that have wasted and maintains suppleness. Massage plays a vital role during rehabilitation after injury and restricted work.

Prevent the problem before is happens, don’t wait ‘til its too late. Any subtle changes to your horse big or small are early signs that they are not in tip top condition.

Benefits of Equine Massage

The benefits of equine massage are numerous but here is a summary:

•Enhances muscle tone and increases range of motion (flexibility)

•Improves performance

•Promotes healing by increasing blood and nutrient flow to the muscles and carries away excess toxins
•Promotes lymphatic drainage
•Reduces inflammation and swelling in joints thus alleviating joint pain
•Relieves muscle tension
•Balances the whole body
•Stimulates circulation and releases 'endorphins', which are the body's natural pain killers
•Creates a feeling of general well being and relaxation
•Reduces risk of injury
•Improves recovery time after illness and/or injury


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