As a farmer or pet owner you always want to keep your animals healthy and happy. When they require medical care, you need to know that their welfare is in good hands. Providing professional care for your animals is at the heart of our work.

Veterinary care for your horses & ponies: We offer a wide range of veterinary services and a specialist equine centre with surgical suites and hospitalisation facilities. Emergencies, such as colics and foaling, are attended as a priority at any time of day or night. For cases needing major abdominal surgery, for example, certain types of colic and cases of retained testicles, we would refer these to a specialist equine centre with hospitalisation facilities.

Our equine services include:

  • Routine healthcare including, vaccinations, Investigating and treating illnesses
  • Some surgery, such as castrations, stitching up of wounds
  • Lameness work-ups, including nerve-blocks and x-rays as required
  • Vettings – pre-purchase examinations for good health and soundness and Pregnancy diagnosis.


Equine Vets



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