We are one of the leading veterinary practices in North Yorkshire dedicated to caring for both great and small. Our supportive team of veterinary surgeons and nurses are always on hand to offer you the highest quality veterinary service for your companion pets, farm livestock and horses and ponies.

Equine: At our main surgery in Ripon our equine facilities include radiography (x-ray), flexible endoscopy and ultrasound scanners with the benefit of stabling and examination stocks on site. You are welcome to bring your horse by appointment to our surgery for vaccinations, lameness investigations, x-rays, ultrasound scanning and endoscopy. Our stables allow the provision of inpatient care and are manned at all times. We have ample parking for horseboxes and trailers.

Radiography: Our portable x-ray machine is an essential tool for modern equine practice.

Endoscopy: Our flexible endoscope allows visualisation and examination of the nasal passages, throat, guttural pouches and respiratory tract.

Ultrasound: The ultrasound scanner provide a very useful tool in examining soft tissue problems eg tendon, ligament injuries and is essential in modern equine stud medicine. The reproductive tract can be imaged using our ultrasound scanner allowing pregnancy diagnosis, assessment of oestrus cycle and diagnosing infertility problems. The scanner can also be used for abdominal and thoracic ultrasound to investigate the liver, kidneys, intestines, heart and lungs.

Routine Health Care: Bishopton Veterinary Group provides comprehensive routine equine health care including vaccination, worming advice and worm egg count sampling, blood sampling with in-house laboratory facilities. We recognise the importance of being involved in all aspects of the horses’ health and well being. We aim to take a proactive approach to disease prevention to improve the health our client’s animals.

Identichips: These can provide reassurance to owners that their horses are permanently identifiable and traceable in the event that their horses are stolen. A simple injection implants a microchip into your horse’s neck. Each microchip carries a unique number, which can be read by scanner.


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