Mr. Conor Fenelon MRCVS and Miss Maria Alonso MRCVS, currently run the main Equine clinic, based in rural Essex, near the village of High Easter. Despite our rural location we are ideally placed to be able to provide a local service to horse owners anywhere in Essex.

We take pride in the fact that our trained support staff are animal lovers who own their own horses. We offer a friendly and personal service and always try to treat both our clients and their horses as individuals. Additionally our clients find it reassuring that their horses will be attended by Veterinary surgeons they have come to know personally and who understand their needs, 24 hours a day, all year round.


Vaccinations: All our clinical records are fully computerised. We send out vaccination booster reminders to our clients as well as giving them a reminder sticker to put on the passport cover at the time of each vaccination. We must stress however that no veterinary practice can accept responsibility for ensuring that all the vaccinations given to individual horses, comply with the specific rules of competition -these are dictated by the individual governing bodies (e.g. the FEI etc), and may change at any time.

Equine 'MOT's: We would like to take this opportunity to recommend our annual ‘MOT’ programme. This includes the following:

  • An eye examination
  • A routine heart and lung examination
  • A check for any lameness
  • A body condition score
  • A dental examination
  • A routine blood test
  • A faecal worm egg count.


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