We have a full range of the latest mobile diagnostic equipment available including high frequency x-ray, endoscopy and digital ultrasound which allows us to perform the majority of diagnostic work-ups at our clients’ yards. This ensures early and reliable diagnosis and reduces the number of ‘call-backs’.

We have a fully equipped clinic at Grayfriars, located off the (A31), Guildford. This facility includes 2 diagnostic suites, a knock down box and Operating Theatre. We are proud to introduce or Zone Visits and we are running a free visits to your area twice a week.

We have an excellent relationship with both The Liphook Equine Hospital, Liphook and O’Gorman, Slater and Main, Newbury. We have invested a lot of time and effort building solid relationships with farriers, equine dentists, physios and other para-professionals which we feel is important in optimising the health and potential of our patients.

Our Services: Mobile Diagnostics, Vettings, Polo, Diagnostics.


Equine Vets



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