The Rase Veterinary Centre is situated just outside the town of Market Rasen, in the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside. The Centre has been in existence at Market Rasen for around fifty years and was founded at a time when all veterinary work was predominantly with horses and farm animals.

From the very beginning, the practice always had a good reputation for its work with horses. The founder of the practice came out of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps and was an enthusiastic member of the hunting fraternity. At the present time, the practice has twelve veterinary surgeons. Five of these spend the majority of their working day with horses.

We provide a full range of equine veterinary services for our clients - both on site and at yards across the county. Ten years ago the practice moved to a new purpose built centre with surgical facilities. This move has enabled us to expand in order to cope with our increasing equine workload. In addition to the substantial amount of money spent every year on attending courses, and purchasing books and periodicals on equine veterinary topics, most of the Rase Veterinary Centre veterinary surgeons involved with attending the horses seen by the practice have many years of experience with horses and the equine industry.

Many of the veterinarians have been, or still are, horse owners and many have been riders locally or nationally.


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