Equine Body Worker (EBW) specialising in Myofascial Release (MFR), Equine Sports Massage and Trigger Point Therapy. Over the last 6 years my expertise has become a vital component in helping owners across Hampshire and Berkshire improve the comfort and performance of their horses and ponies, my practice is based in Winchester.

Equine back pain is more common than you think, sacro-iliac ligament strain, vertebral joint pain, and muscle spasm are all too familiar culprits. Lower back pain can cause a change in gait, behaviour and loss of performance.

Prior to qualifying as an equine therapist, I gained my wealth of anatomy and physiology knowledge from my background as a qualified registered general nurse and child health specialist, my knowledge and passion for horses led me into equine therapy which I now practice full time as a qualified Equine Body Worker specialising in Myofascial Release, Equine Sports Massage and Trigger Point Therapy. I assess and treat each horse individually depending on presenting problems and will devise an ongoing program tailored to the needs of your horse.

I also use and teach pilates type exercises for horses to improve muscle use and core strength. Common problems are the horse with a sore back, equine muscle injuries and equine behavioural changes secondary to pain issues.

Many of my referrals come from a range of other equine professionals who have identified a possible physical problem.




Berkshire, Hampshire

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