We can offer you and your horse great facilities, excellent care and a stress free environment whatever your requirement. Set on our family's 600 acre farm, on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds, near Driffield, we can provide a peaceful, private place for your horse combined with a range of livery options to suit the individual needs of you and your horse.

We have a variety of services and treatments we can offer to our client's horses. The combination of such treatments is designed into a programme to suit each different horse's needs. Sometimes a horse has an obvious problem such as an injury but there are times when a horse is showing signs of misbehaving such as bucking when ridden but when the problem is looked into further it has been caused by a physical problem.

With the services we offer we are able to look at the whole horse and not just the initial problem, in this way we hope to be able to ensure a permanent solution. We have a clinic for horses, dogs & humans, treating soft tissue injuries.

Physical Exercise - A range of programmes can be arranged to assist your horse’s recovery - build up strength and muscle tone before being able to resume full work. These include exercise on the horsewalker, lunging and in hand pole work.




East Yorkshire

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