I am a fully trained Equine Massage Therapist and belong to the National Association of Registered Equine Massage Therapists, I operate under their “Code of Conduct” and I am fully insured to treat your horse.

Equine Massage stimulates and improves poor circulation, helps repair tissue, eases stiffness and alleviates fatigue. A regular massage routine can help the horse relieve stress and tension, improve the horse’s performance and soothe muscle strain.

It is essential that veterinary permission is sought before massage according to the Veterinary Act 1966. Upon your vet’s permission, I will discuss with you your horse’s symptoms and lifestyle and take an in-depth history. Most horses will need to be seen more than once to obtain a clearer picture of any problems and how they are improving.

Your horse needs to be clean and dry before massage. I will need information such as when the horse was last seen by farrier, saddle fitter, vet, etc. I would like to see the horse ridden and trotted up. If I think that the horse needs veterinary help I will refer the horse back to the vet. Every treatment is recorded and copies are provided both to you and to your vet.

Some horses may benefit from a course of treatment, others may need a massage once a month, or maybe as a one off as a special treat. Each horse is unique and each case is different.




Dorset, Somerset

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