I am a fully qualified McTimoney Animal Practitioner and Freelance riding instructor based in Derbyshire. I completed a BSc (Hons) degree in Equine Science at Hartpury College in 2009 and went on to study an MSc in McTimoney Animal Manipulation which I completed in 2012. I have also studied an Equine Sports Massage course, I cover Derbyshire, and parts of Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire, Cheshire and Leicestershire for both teaching and McTimoney work.

Before any treatment is carried out an in depth history of the horse will be taken gaining knowledge of: general information about the horse, exercise regime and level of performance , previous problems/injuries/illness/lameness, signs and symptoms (eg. Stiffness on one rein), changes in performance/behaviour/temperament, previous therapy, details on shoeing/saddle checks and dentistry check-ups. This will allow me to understand the necessary information required to determine any reasons which may have caused a decline in performance or any changes in the horses behaviour.

The whole of the animals body is palpated feeling over for any misalignments and muscle spasms within the horses musculoskeletal system, starting from the atlas at the top of the head and working systematically right through to the pelvis. The actual treatment is then carried out and a detailed aftercare program will be provided once the nature of the problems have been discovered and treated.

It is vital the owner/handler carries out the aftercare program as best as possible in order to ensure the therapy is as effective as possible and minimises the risk of misalignments reoccurring.





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