We are focused on providing a professional, impartial saddle fitting service. We offer a full consultation service as to your existing saddle fit as an ongoing service and ensures complete freedom of choice as to how clients purchase new saddles.

Freedom Saddlery is a fully independent saddle fitting service - with no strings or provisos. I will be happy to assess your existing saddle and you can be confident that only if this cannot fit will I suggest you replace it. I can offer a range of saddle repair work to include a full reflock through my Master Saddler contacts in Walsall.

 I am the sole UK approved Equipe/Amerigo saddle fitter for that area. The business was borne out of my own personal frustration at the 'mystique' that seemed to surround what should be a straightforward process. I have one fundamental aim; To provide professional, impartial saddle fitting advice which improves the overall comfort of your horse, enhancing freedom of movement so it may perform to it's potential.

Every horse, whatever his job, deserves to be ridden in a saddle that fits them. As a by product of offering a thorough saddle fitting service, horse owners will become better informed as to the saddle fitting process, demystifying the subject somewhat! And our horses do communicate any discomfort in a variety of ways. The subtle tail swish in transitions or on mounting, to excessive bucking are just a few of a long list of signs of a potentially ill fitting saddle.

A saddle check should be an integral part of every horse owner's holistic horsecare routine.


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