We stock a wide range of Leather, Half Leather and Synthetic saddles to suit every pocket and we maintain a fairly large selection of second hand saddles which are either owned by us or sold on behalf of other clients.

Our stated aim is to provide the best fit for the horse (or pony) based on current size, age and action of both the rider and the horse, with an eye on the most likely changes as the two become used to each other and their new saddle.

‘The fitting process’ encompasses the discussion of problems, history, illness, assessment and matching these to the goals and expectations of the owner. This approach differs from the norm in that we are attempting to analyse the current and ongoing relationship between Horse, Owner and/or Rider such that today’s solution will be useable even after the horse and rider have become accustomed to the new saddle.


Saddle Fitters


Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire

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