Nathaniel Underwood is recognised as one of the most experienced saddle fitters working in the UK today. His skills in the field of saddlery are exceptional in that he is both a horseman and a master craftsman.

From an early age Nathaniel has felt an empathy with horses and has dedicated his working life to making and fitting saddles and creating innovative designs which help to minimise the inevitable restrictions that a rider and saddle can cause for a horse.

Saddle Fit Assessment: Nathaniel is happy to advise clients on the fit of their current saddles. His experience is such that he can often recognise and remedy problems which other saddle fitters may not be familiar with. He has a holistic approach to saddle fitting and often works in co-operation with vets, physiotherapists and trainers.

Saddle Adjustment and Repairs: As an experienced saddle maker Nathaniel can carry out all necessary saddle repairs. He has an excellently equipped workshop at Belcombe Farm.

Pre-owned Saddles: Nathaniel keeps a selection of good quality used saddles in stock. These are all in excellent condition and generally of recent design.


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