A new saddle is probably the biggest expense you will have after the purchase of your horse. One of the most common complaints we hear is that saddle fitters just want to sell you a new saddle and no-one will consider fitting saddles that you’ve used on a previous horse, that you’ve bought from a friend or picked up on EBay.

Our saddle fitting service is different – we offer sound honest advice and we’re happy to consider existing saddles – whether it’s one you already own, one you’ve bought or a saddle you’ve borrowed from a friend. Our priority is to make sure your horse is comfortable and you’re safe when you’re riding.

The first step is always to consider your existing saddle – this will be checked and will be re-fitted wherever possible. If the saddle cannot be adjusted sufficiently to make it fit then we will explain what the issues are and offer you alternatives to consider. We’ll also tell you what fit and size of saddle you need so you’re free to go source your own if you prefer.

We specialise in dealing with difficult horse shapes and remedial saddle balancing and adjustments. Not one horse or rider is the same so every saddle fitting is an individual process that takes time to bring the right combination together.


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