I can assess the fit of your current saddle and advise you on how adjustments can be made if necessary. If this is not feasible I can then advise you with the purchase of either a new or second hand saddle. The new saddles that I recommend include Ideal, Thorowgood, Kent and Masters, Kieffer and The Saddle Company, for whom I am an approved fitter.

If you feel your saddle needs reflocking, I will come and check the fit first and then advise on what needs to be done. This could either be done at your yard or back in the workshop and your horse will appreciate the result! I can also repair your tack or any other items that need a stitch or two.

As a fitter, my aim is to provide a well fitting saddle for both you and your horse whether it is second hand or new. I can also check your current saddle and offer advice with regard to its fit.


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