Forever Saddles is owned and managed by Sue Hill, a qualified and registered Saddle Fitter with the Society of Master Saddlers. Sue has over 10 years' experience in the saddlery trade and saddle fitting. She is also a BHSAI and SQP.

We care passionately about the welfare and happiness of our clients - four legged and two legged. We will happily advise on the fit of your existing saddle, and adjust to fit more comfortably where possible, and will give you an honest opinion as to its suitability and fitness for purpose. Our goal is to have a happy, comfortable horse and rider - not to sell saddles!

Why Fit Saddles? Saddle fitting is SO important, for the horse's welfare, and the rider's safety. An ill fitting saddle can cause injury and can lead to the horse mis-behaving, which can be dangerous. An ill fitting saddle will normally create performance issues, too, which can spoil the enjoyment and pleasure of riding.

Services: Apart from saddle fitting, we offer on-site flocking adjustments and most minor saddle repairs (replacement girth straps, re-stitching etc). Most repairs are carried out in our workshop, and major repairs will need to be sent to a qualified saddler for completion.


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