I have been around horses for as long as I can remember, learning to ride at a very young age and owning them as soon as I could afford to buy my first horse!

I now live on a small holding in Bedfordshire with my two horses, two sheep and a mad yellow Labrador! My career began in offices as an administrator from the age of 16 to 20, but then I could no longer resist my desire to work with horses. I became a freelance groom and rider for many private owners, caring for their horses and keeping anything from 13.2 to 17.2 hands fit and ready for the hunting season.

The days were long, normally starting by 6am with my own horse and then travelling around turning out, mucking out, grooming, exercising, tack cleaning, bedding down, bringing in and then finally back to my own horse at whatever time I finished. This I did for a few years but felt it was not really what I wanted and decided to go back to offices in order to learn how to use a computer.

Once back in an office environment I learnt how to use computers and began working for a Digital Imaging Company hosting web sites, running digital picture libraries, basically anything to do with imaging we were involved. I put in all the hours needed as it was a small company and was rewarded by being made a Director. Work always had to evolve around my horses and fortunately I spent many years working from home which fitted in well!

I reached that point in my life where I wished I had done more to help people and animals but didn't know what I could do. Then the jigsaw began to fall into place, I had a love of complementary therapy, and had already been studying to learn more, so the penny dropped and I decided to go self employed and become a Therapist.


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